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OBCT Money Management

We deliver a professional and friendly environment for our clients with the service that is tailored to each client’s needs and at the same time we adhere to the legal framework regulating appointees.


Money Management for Vulnerable Adults

Welfare Benefits Review Service

O”-Bay Community Trust provides a comprehensive benefits entitlement check service for professional deputies, attorneys and appointees. The service is also open to other individuals who are the deputy, appointee or hold a Lasting Power of Attorney for a family member and wish to seek our assistance

What Is The Cost?

The cost to access this service is a fixed fee. If you would like us to undertake any additional work based on the benefit assessment results, we can help with additional charge. We will charge reasonable fee which we will agree with you at the onset.

If we are required to undertake additional work after the initial assessment, we will charge an hourly rate. We will prefer to agree a fixed price for any additional work to ensure absolute transparency. You will not need to pay VAT on our fees. O”-Bay Community Trust has full Professional Indemnity Insurance covering this service.

Can I See A Report Example?

Yes, please see an example of advice letter and the welfare benefit entitlement calculation breakdown below.

Benefit Entitlement Letter and Calculation

How Can I Access the Service?

Simply call us on on 01992 718 162, 07950 616 696, +44 7943 749 001, +44 7950 757 944, +44 771 148 299 or email us at  and will be happy to assist you, your client or your loved one. Alternatively, start the process by completing the application form below.