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OBCT Money Management

We deliver a professional and friendly environment for our clients with the service that is tailored to each client’s needs and at the same time we adhere to the legal framework regulating appointees.


Lasting Power of Attorney (LPAs)

OBCT provides advocacy services in line with several government service programmes, in addition and as new aspect of our services. it would be a service user-led recommendations and other mental health and disability focused policies as cross cutting projected service provision.

A. Work with Disabled People groups and service user-led organisations at local, regional and national levels; providing support and representation on behalf of individuals, families and carers.
B. Provide team training, personal development and support for trainee advocates, volunteer advocates and student social workers.
C. Oversee the supervision and assessment of Student Social Workers undertaking work placements as part of the Advocacy Team.


This when the court of protection has appointed OBCT to make property and financial decisions for someone without the mental capacity to make such decision themselves. They are charges for the supervision:

  • A One-off £100 fee to assess each deputyship
  • A yearly supervision fee of £320, this is sometimes reduced – to £35 – after the first year of deputyship if the person’s assets are worth less than £21,000 and closer supervision isn’t needed

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs)

Lasting Powers of Attorney documents let you appoint someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf, should you become unable to do so. OBCT is offering to establish both your Property & Financial Affaires LPA and your Health & Welfare LPA £650.

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