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Carers Shopping Card

A Managed Service to Support Carers and Vulnerable Adults

Our Carers Shopping Card account provides a convenient way for carers to access smaller amounts of money for the vulnerable adults that they care for. The card is issued in their own name it will give them the opportunity withdraw money.

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This is a fully managed service where the O”-Bay Community Trust team can liaise directly with carers, care managers and their clients to order new cards and confirm balances.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions section or Contact Us to Apply.

What Does It Cost?

Fully Managed Service for Care Providers and Family Members

The O”-Bay Community Trust charges a fixed monthly fee (per client) to care providers who employ carers to undertake shopping tasks. Care providers or service users or a family member can pay for this service.

We charge a one-off account opening fee per account and our banking partner charges per account per year. Our banking partner charges some additional fees. These consist of a cash withdrawal fee from ATM machines and a card replacement fee. The cards can be used free of charge in stores or online.

Fully Managed Professional Deputies or Attorneys

O”-Bay Community Trust charges a fixed monthly fee (per client) to Solicitors who are the Deputy or hold a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) for their clients and the same banking fees detailed above apply.

Some frequently asked questions about The Carers Shopping Card

O”-Bay Community Trust provides carers with a payment card so that they can perform shopping tasks themselves or provide their clients with cash for their own use.
This is a managed service where the team at O-Bay Community Trust operates a telephone service to support the carers with things such as new card orders, for example when carers leave, or if there is a change of staff and card account balance.
This facility gives help to protect the carers as well as the vulnerable people they support. Click Here to learn more.

The Carers Shopping Cards can be used in any outlet that accepts many outlets. This means that the cards can be used in most of the retail outlets. Nearly all retailers that accept card payments accept payments. The cards can also be used to withdraw cash from ATM machines. For more information, Click Here.

The Carers Shopping Card allows carers to make purchases in shops and online. The cards are issued in the name of the carer with their own PIN number. To get a card to a carer you will give us their name and date of birth.

The cards are sent to carers by O-Bay Community Trust who then oversee and manage the ordering of new cards (as carers often change), provide balances and other information.
This is a Fully Managed Service where carers and service users are able liaise with our Carers Card Team which will enable us to provide a personal service.

Yes, the Carers Shopping Cards can be used to withdraw cash. The card user will be given their own unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) number. The cards can be used at cash machines in the same way as any other debit card.

Yes, they are. The cards have a contactless facility for purchases up to £30, the same as all contactless cards. For more information. Click Here.