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Finance and Accounts

11. Finance and Accounts

 11.1 A record of income and expenditure must be provided each year to the Annual General Meeting.

 11.2 Accounts should be independently audited if the turnover of the Forum exceeds £5,000 in the year in question.

 11.3 Accounts should be open to inspection by members on request

 11.4 The Forum may raise funds by donation, grants, or other means. The proceeds of such fund-raising shall be used in furtherance of the Forum’s aims as set out in this constitution.

 11.5 The Forum shall maintain a bank account. Cheques, transfers, or other banking instruments and instructions shall be the responsibility of two signatories who must be members of the management committee.

 11.6 Signatories must not be related or members of the same household.

 11.7 Records must be kept of any petty cash transactions.


12. Minutes

12.1 Minutes shall be kept of General Meetings, Special General Meetings, AGMs and Management Committee meetings. Such minutes shall be available for inspection by members and published on the Forum’s website.

 12.2 In rare circumstances where there is a requirement for confidentiality, a confidential section of the minutes may be recorded, available to members of the Management Committee.


13. Dissolution

 13.1 The Forum can be dissolved only by a Special General Meeting summonsed for that purpose.

 13.2 A majority vote of members present is required to dissolve the Forum

 13.3 The Special General Meeting shall decide on the disposal of any remaining fund or assets on dissolution, for charitable purposes, after any debts or liabilities have been met.

 13.4 Any Station House Mews forum or LBEnfield equipment or assets that the Forum has been allowed to use, and which have not been transferred to the ownership of the Forum, shall be returned to these bodies should they so wish.


14. Code of Conduct for Management Committee members

14.1 The role of the Management Committee is to conduct the day to day business of the Forum in an efficient, fair and responsive way. In taking decisions on behalf of the Forum, Committee members must always be aware of their responsibility to represent all those living and working in the Forum area.

14.2 All Committee members must comply with this constitution and code of conduct at all times.

14.3 Committee members should conduct themselves in a manner which respects the views of others. Racist, sexist, personalised or inflammatory comments are not acceptable.

14.4 Committee members must never use their position to seek preferential treatment for themselves, relatives or members of their household. Any pecuniary or non-pecuniary interests must be declared at committee meetings.

14.5 Committee members cannot receive any payment from the Forum, other than for bona fide expenses as approved by the Treasurer and submitted and recorded in writing.

14.6 Any serious breach of this Code of Conduct may result in a committee member being asked to resign, or being suspended by a majority vote of the committee.

Constitution adopted at first Annual General Meeting of the Neighbourhood Forum held on ( ) 2012

Vice Chair

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