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OBCT Weekend Supplementary Classes

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OBCT Past Projects

OBCT Run weekend supplementary classes, After school Club, IT training, ESOL lessons, workshops on interview techniques, CV writing, RAFA Team / Mother & Toddler group / Health Promotion; OBCT & RCCG KLC Enfield Africans Over 50s forum; OBCT & RCCG KLC Work Club; Summer School for 6years to 15years / Mid-term Breaks; PC Refurbishment and retail Small WEEE Products and support the creation and development of new and existing community enterprises etc., of youth music and dance development workshops and talent showcases.

Programme Operating & Opening Hours:

1. Weekend classes 10am to 2pm and Extra- curricular activities such as youth Music and Dance development workshops every Saturday 2pm – 8pm
2. After School club- Monday to Friday – 3pm to 6.30pm
3. Summer School and Mid-term Breaks for 6years to 15years 9am 6pm.
4. OBCT & RCCG KLC Enfield Africans Over 50s forum on Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays 10am – 2pm
5. Work Club & ESOL Once a week (Wednesdays 10 to 2pm) Have different ESOL Courses, Non-accredited ESOL – Pre-entry ESOL, ESOL Entry 1, ESOL Entry 2, ESOL Entry 3, ESOL Level 1, Adult ESOL classes
6. RAFA Team / Mother & Toddler group / Health Promotion, Bi-Monthly on every second Tuesdays 12noon – 2pm
7. Employable accredited training and non-accredited training & up-skilling for employments and self- employments opportunities, covering – PCs refurbishment for Re-use,;
8. Support for the development of key transferable skills for work Advice on Business start-ups, Information Disseminations’, Referrals’ and Signposting to Services for ourmembers benefits, facilitate support for the creation of new and development of existing community enterprises and related employment opportunities.
9. General Advice/Advocacy and Immigration Services provider, regulated by the office of Immigration Services Provider – OISC, (HOME OFFICE).
10. Office opening hours 9am – 6pm, Monday to Friday